The preservation of the flora and the fauna is an urgent necessity that all
the governments think about, involving high budgets that don't generally
satisfy the objectives, or they don't offer transparency on the part of
their authorities agents; or with wrong approaches when reforesting with
exotic species that don't restore the altered natural conditions; tasks
carried out before the lack of knowledge or suitable advice to assure their efficasy

Therefore and with the necessary training, you will be able to impel and to request to the municipalities the necessity to incorporate in squares and public walks the typical flora of each region, with plants and bushes, many of them of extraordinary beauty and of fundamental importance for the ecosystem (you plant nutritious for insects fitófagos, insects for insectivorous birds, etc.); this is the only possibility for the restoration of the hábitat, allowing that diverse species of butterflies and birds (among other representatives of our fauna that have been expelled
irrationally by the commercial introduction of a strange flora and the
incontrolled use of pesticide) they cohabit with us ; their care will be in
charge of the  own nature that offers the climate, floor and appropriate and necessary biological control, without the necessity of appealing to
specialized greenhouses that sell and renovate their exotic plants
continually in  public places. The saved money,  will allow to the
municipalities to create their own cultivation gardens, those that next to their squares, they will be places of didactic visits for our young students, in direct contact with the nature.